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Just ordered a PNY 680, good warranty?

Just bought a gtx 680 directly from their site this morning and it's already shipped. If you are looking to get one I think they have more in stock. Only place I could find with 680's. Anywho, just wondering if anyone has any experience with their warranties. Let me know. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Their warranty should be as good as others, at least they advertise 3 years!
  2. 3yrs is decent, and you'll probably need it with PNY.
  3. it's actually lifetime. But whos countin'
  4. Seems like I'd look at the warranty when ordering a new item.
    Nvidia sure has the geeks whipped into a frenzy on the 680.
  5. Yeah sometimes you have to pull the trigger when things are selling out within seconds. I did some research, but didn't get down to the nitty gritty with the details on their warranty. Like if they are hard to work with etc.
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    Juster said:
    it's actually lifetime. But whos countin'

    Per the site:

    1 year (will be extended for the lifetime of the original purchaser upon completion of a registration form on PNY's website)

    Make sure you register.
  7. no doubt. thanks for the reminder.
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