CPU fan has failed error?

So my parents PC just got this error. CPU fan has failed system will shutdown immediatly. I opened it up to check for any loose wiring but all is good.

Could it be the fan has just burnt out???
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  1. Is their computer a HP.

    This means your system can't find the CPU fan and it won't let you boot until it detects the fan, check if its spinning and try another fan (like the case fan) on the CPU_FAN header and see if it boots.

    EDIT: Used the wrong their.
  2. It spins when i boot it up but then it stops after a second or 2
  3. Try another fan.
  4. So i tried a brand new fan nada

    a new CMOS battery nada

    Yes its a hp one of the slim ones. Idk prob 5 years old or so
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