Power failure? Bad PSU?

Dang, I think my computer died. I'm not to sure if it's the psu or something else, my system would boot fine and then 10-15 seconds in, it turns off (by off I mean all fans, HDD's and GPU), but I still have the Leds on like the Debug code that shows me error code 55 but I think it's the psu as after it turns off by itself it keeps trying to turn it on, and it ends in a never ending boot loop cycle of turns on and offs. It might also be the board or something of that nature, does anyone have adivce?

Any help would be appriciated, I'm typing really fast so don't judge my spelling.
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  1. No one has anything?
  2. it could be overheat. clean all the fans, cpu, video card, etc.
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