Which one is true temp???

Hi Guys,

I recently build system with I7 3770K+Maximus V Gene and use its AI Suite for temperature monitoring.

But today i tried another Temp monitoring tool and guess wht...!!!, Its showing different temps parameter then the AI Suite.

CPU Loader used= IBT

CPUID HWMonitorPro= 95 Degree
AI Suite==========72 Degree

Both software were running simultaneously.

CPUID scared me and thats why i'm here for your help. I'm using stock cooling.

So please help, Which one is ture???
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  1. Either way, your temps are too high.

    Spend a few ££ and get yourself a Hyper 212 Evo or you chip will not live long at those temps.

    Oh yes, never run two temp. proggies at the same time, can conflict with each other.
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