Dell e521 cpu upgrade to i5 or i7

I'm trying to upgrade my stock Dell E521 but noticed many of the postings are outdated because the CPU's mentioned are discontinued.

Can anyone suggest a performance upgrade for my E521 on a budget or should I just get a new desktop? I montly stream videos and run two monitors. Please advise experts :)
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  1. The only way to upgrade it to a modern processor would be to swap out the motherboard and get the new processor. For a machine that old I don't think it is worth the expense.
  2. How much memory do you have? More memory could help depending on how much you already have. With Windows XP I suggest a minimum of 1 GB of memory. HAve you tried removing unused programs and defragging your hard drive?
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply Jim. I'm actually running 3Ghz of RAM which is the only upgrade done. It did make a difference but trying to watch videos on one monitor while working on the other has become choppy.
  4. Not a bad little system, fastest cpu that the motherboard Nvidia GeForce 6150LE will handle with a bios upgrade (do it before you swap chips) is the Athlon X2 6000 and 4GB 800Mhz DDR2 ram is the max. PSU is rated at 305watts.

    Due to the position of heatsink, if you plan to upgrade video system a single slot card is needed and one of the low power ATI 5450 would work well without a psu upgrade

    You should be able to get all of them off eBay cheap, should be ok for streaming video.
  5. Hi Das,
    Would this upgrade be a simple replacement of the CPU? Not sure what motherboard I have nor do I know how to do a BIOS upgrade.

    I'm not the saviest computer expert so some of your lingo may sound a little foreign.
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