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AMD Screen Flicker

XFX Radeon 6770
Asus MA599X Mobo
500W OCZ Pro PSU
16GB Corsair Vengence RAM

I'm getting a flicker when the screen goes from light to dark, when logging off or shutting down or when moving the contrast slider up and down in the Catalyst control center.

I have tried two monitors, i also tried a HD 6750 card, tried two PCI slots on my motherboard and it's still happening. I re-installed windows and it did not happen until i installed the AMD video drivers. I'm also getting PFN BSOD's not sure if its related.

Anyone else ever have this happen?
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  1. Have you checked the chipset drivers for your board?

    What OS?
  2. The PC is a new build, i have all the latest drivers (used driver genius to confirm). I have windows 7 x64 and i have nothing overclocked.
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    The only thing similar I have seen is the black screen that used to happen with UAC active. You would start up a game or other program and the screen would go black for an unreasonable amount of time.

    Do you have service pack 1 installed?

    And you did not say specifically... you got the same issue exactly with the 6750, once drivers were installed?

    When you switched monitors did you switch cables?

    When you push in the video card, does it go in easy or does it require a bit of force?
  4. I had the same issue with two cards, tried two monitors and two slots on the mother board. I tried a HDMI and DVDI cable on both monitors. I have all the latest drivers and all the windows updates, its happened with two installs. It required some force to get the cards in though.

    I played around with the color settings etc in Catalyst and the monitor and its not as bad, I have not tried a game yet though as i've spent all my free time re installing windows and testing :-)

    Thanks for you help
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