New computer won't boot, please help!

Hey guys,

I just built a new computer and after about 5-6 hours of putting everything together I can't get the thing to boot. The PSU is working, and the case LED + fans (connected to mobo) turn on but there is no video signal. I tried both with and without the video card plugged in, now I've removed it completely but it still won't work. I'm not sure if the mobo or CPU are defective or maybe I've just plugged something incorrectly.

The specs:

Intel core i7 2600k
asrock z68 extreme3 gen3 motherboard
radeon 6950 (not currently connected)
8gb g.skill ddr3 RAM 1333
ocz 550zt psu
cooler master 212+ heatsink with arctic silver 5 thermal paste
cooler master 690 II case
60gb intel sata III ssd

I knew building a computer wouldn't be a piece of cake, especially installing the aftermarket cooler but I'm getting really frustrated now :(

All help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Lol, I forgot to plug in the CPU power. It boots now, so no problems for now :)
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