Upgrading socket 775 should i wait for 1150?

I have a Core 2 Duo e8500, i´m planning on upgrading it, thing is, will be worth waiting for LGA 1150, or will it be fine with an Ivy Bridge, let´s say an I5 3570k?

I mainly use the computer for games.
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  1. Pair the i5-3570K with a half decent graphics card and it will play everything at max. I have mine paired with a GTX680 but a GTX660/660Ti should be more than powerful enough.
  2. 1150 is still a long ways off. It will be out next Apr./March.

    Performance will increase, but the 3570K will still play any game just as well as the next-gen chips.
  3. +1 for pauls, jallen and obsama.

    There really isnt any reason to wait for our next generation processor when you have a system that is that old.
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