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i have a HP pavilion slimline s3400f and i want to upgrade the video card and ive been told you need to upgrade the powersupply if i want to upgrade the video card so ive found a video card and powersupply will this be compatible with the system


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  1. You may not need to upgrade the power supply since you're only looking at buying a mid range card. I took a look at the specification sheet but all it says is "Power Supply: Power Supply" which is not helpful at all. I'm going to guess that your PSU is probably in the 300 watt range but without knowing more I can't say for certain. If you're comfortable taking a look inside your case to see if any markings are visible on the PSU that would be a huge help

    You will also need to get a PSU that is the same formfactor as the one that your case contains, so I would forget about buying that one unless yours is the same size
  2. my wattage is really 160watts
  3. yeah that's not going to be enough
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