Overclock Or New CPU To Stop Bottleneck?

I have a AMD Phenom II x6 1055T 2.8Ghz and would like to stop my computer from bottlenecking. I have a Radeon 7850 and can either do one of the following.

1) Overclock my AMD 1055T to 3.5GHz (New Mobo which is around 100$)
2) Buy a different higher clocked AM3 Processor (New AMD Cpu around 100$)
3) Wait until christmas and possibly get a new Mobo and an i5 3570k

What do you think I should do?
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  1. would just oc ur cpu to 3.4ghz and keep tht cpu
  2. You could try a h61 board + i5-2400 processor.

    That should give most of the performance of Z77 + i5-3570k with only about half to 2/3 the price.

    The 2400 + H61 should be about $180 in total whereas the z77 + 3570k is more like 300-350ish.
  3. I wouldn't get an i5. The money spent on the Phenom, mobo, i5, and 1155 mobo would be a lot of money spent for a small improvement.

    And a Phenom is NOT a bottleneck. A bottleneck is a Pentium III and GTX 680. Just get a new mobo, Hyper 212 EVO, and overclock. You will get much better performance.
  4. The 1055T and motherboard could be ebayed for a lot of the difference in cost. A quick glance at the buy now list on ebay showed $105 for the processor alone. Add the board for maybe another $20 and that's 120 off the cost of the ~200 for the 2400 + h61 which puts the net at like $80.

    The net is more like $45 once you add a $35ish Hyper 212 to the mix trying to get a good OC and that doesn't even account for the fact that the Hyper 212 can't cool voltage regulators which is important when you are trying to do massive OCs.

    The 2400 is just hugely more efficient and its hard to even OC the 1055T to equal the 2400. Even if you could it would be huge amounts of wattage wasted, heat generated, and strain on the PSU created. That is without even accounting for the difference in power bills.

    Also, the 2400 isn't a small improvement over the 1055T. It is a 100% improvement in many benchmarks. Not just synthetic ones either. I am talking in games.


    1055T vs 2400 (difference)

    Dragon Age Origins = 102 vs 155.3 (34.4%)

    Dawn of War 2 = 52.8 vs 82.5 (36%)

    World of Warcraft = 63.8 vs 111.4 (42.8%)

    Crysis Warhead = 72.4 vs 89.2 (18.9%)

    Far Cry 2 = 45.1 vs 75.9 (40.6%)

    Left 4 Dead = 111.5 vs 141.9 (21.5%)

    I didn't pick and choose benchmarks that demonstrate my side, that's all the benchmarks there are and every single one leans heavily towards 2400. So heavily that a large OC can't make up the difference.

    In fact, only 2 out of all 30 benchmarks shows the 1055T ahead and that is 7zip archiving and POV-Ray.

    The OCd 1055T setup is beaten in every way that matters by h61 + 2400.
  5. My processor does not run good on open area maps. My 7850 runs at 70% usage sometime less depending on the game. Do people really buy processors and mobos off of Ebay? I would think they would break it and say it was broken when they bought it or somthing like that lol.
  6. The secondary market for used parts is pretty good on ebay. A lot of the time you can get 90% of a video card's current value back on there, for instance.

    There are some people on there who try to cheat the system, but its a pretty small minority in my experience.

    Nobody really has any incentive to buy something, break it, and then return it and get their money back. There is really no upside there for the buyer.

    There is a potential upside if they can convince you its broken when its still working and they get you to give the money back and you let them keep the motherboard, but that is about all I can think of.

    The shipping process does incur some real risk of actual damage if boxes get thrown around, though, so if you do try to ebay the board it wouldn't be the worst idea to ship the old board in the box the new one came in with the padding that came with it and all that.

    Anyway, there are other options too. You could try craigslist if you want somebody local. These sorts of people will usually try to get you to prove it is working before they buy stuff from you, so you might have to leave it in the PC while you are selling it and show them it does indeed work and it is indeed the exact product you said it was and then take the PC apart while they are waiting and hand it over. They will most likely try to claim they don't have some or all the money, though, in my experience.

    I have personally bought a lot of things through ebay and sold a lot through craigslist and not had a lot of problems with either one.

    I haven't done buying on craigslist nor selling on ebay, so I can only go by what I have heard in those cases.
  7. i am with you 3rd choice , but also try overclocking it for now
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