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Not sure where to post this, but I'll try here. I have a internal power cord I have a question about. Here is the cord.

One end of it plugs into my power supply. The 2 molex adapters I plan to hook up to 2 case fans. Here comes my question. Can I plug the 4-pin female adapter on the end of the cord to the motherboard so I can have fan speed control? Or will it fry the motherboard? Here's what Im talking about:

My motherboard does support fan speed control. Thanks in advance!
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  1. The photos are too small for me to really see what is going on, but I wouldn't plug in one end of the cord to the PSU and one end of the cord to the motherboard.

    It should plug into one or the other.

    Does your motherboard have multiple 4 pin fan ports? CPU_FAN should have 4, and many motherboards don't have any other 4 ports on them.
  2. My motherboard has 1x 3pin CPU, 1x 3pin PWR, 1x 4pin SYS1, and 1x 3pin SYS2. Its one cord with power plug, 2 molex, and 4pin on end of it. Just wanted to see if I could hook the power part to the power supply, the 2 molex to case fans, then the 4 pin to the motherboard for fan speed control. Heres somemore pics.
  3. The 6 pin you showed is for video cards.

    How old is this motherboard we are talking about here that doesn't have 4 pins for CPU_FAN?
  4. I'm sorry, yes, the CPU fan header does have 4 pins. The 6 pin plugs into my Hive-650 power supply. I have 4 outlets on the back of the power supply for 6pin connections. That cord im my OP has a 6pin on one end(power supply) 2 molex, middle of cord (for my 2 case fans) and a 4pin on the end of it. I was just wondering if I plug the 6pin into my power supply, then 2 case fans to the 2 molex, if I could plug the 4 pin into the 4pin(SYS1) on the motherboard to have the 2 case fans have speed control? I guess its one or the other like you said? I cant have both plugged in?
  5. AFAIK, the only fans that have speed control are:
    1) the ones plugged into 4 pin sockets on the motherboard
    2) fans installed on dedicated hardware (like video cards)
    3) the ones that are connected to stand alone fan management systems
    4) the fan itself has some kind of regulating hardware built into it

    If you do it any other way you probably won't have speed control.

    MOLEX fans run at the maximum speed all the time except in the above situations as far as I am aware.
  6. Ok, thanks Raiddinn.
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