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When i listen to some music, I plug my computer to my sound system. But when I receive something on Skype, the sound goes in my computers' speakers and because my computer volume is maxed, it comes out very loud.

I want to know if there's a risk I break my computers' speaker because of this. The sound play on my computers' speakers only a few seconds.

I have Beat Audio speakers.

Thank you
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  1. This can damage your speakers. I wouldn't lose sleep over the times it has happened thus far, but I would make it a point to avoid it going forward.

    Try splitting the signal before your computer speakers so that your sound system gets it's audio from your computer directly. Then turn the volume on your computer speakers down so that Skype doesn't blair through.

    Just a random example of the splitter I'm talking about.

  2. I fixed up my Skype sound device. My speakers where my sound system ones but for the alerts sounds, they were going in any devices connected on my computer. Now, every sound coming from Skype will be going into my sound system speakers.

    Thank you!
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