Windows 7 or XP on old custom-built PC?

Hey everyone! Anyone had experience installing Windows 7 on their old XP boxes, and whether they've had better or worse (or the same) performance? Seems like some people have had pretty good experiences...

I have an old custom-built PC with these specs:
- Athlon XP 2200 (1.8 MHz)
- MSI K7N2 motherboard
- GeForce4 Ti 4400 128MB
- 3x PC2100 DDR 512MB
- EIDE 80GB HD (currently wiped)

I've only run XP on it, but I have a copy of Windows 7 that I could install on it. Before I do all that, though, I was wondering if anybody could provide any insight on whether Windows 7 will run well (or even better?), or if I'm best with just sticking to reinstalling Windows XP.

The computer would be for my dad, who currently is using a Mac that is even more ancient (it boggles my mind how he can stand it), and would be used for web surfing, YouTube videos, playing movies/DVDs, playing music, word processing and printing, burning the occasional CD--pretty mundane stuff.
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  1. The ram is a little on the low sidebut if you have the copy of Windows and you jave the computer then just install it I don't think it will run any worse but as I had said the ram amount is a little low so don't expect much. If you have the retail box or you can go to the Microsoft site and see what the minimum requirements are.
  2. Thanks for the response! Just to clarify, I have a copy of Windows 7, but I'd use it on another computer if I didn't use it on this one, so I don't want to waste it (and thus the post and query here).
  3. Win 7 works well enough on netbooks which have less power than that

    But I'd want to be sure you have drivers available . Probably ....but also maybe not

    Probably I'd download a copy of Ubuntu linux

    If its good enough for Dell to put on PC's instead of windows its good enough for your Dad who sounds like he appreciates value . Its free .
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    When you load Windows on a hard drive you have a certian amount of days to activate the copy of Windows so that gives you a few days to try it and see is it's going to work and how well it will work.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions! Don't know why I didn't think of installing Windows 7 just to test it...!
  6. windows 7 was able to run on netbooks but i doubt there were any netbooks with less than 1GB of ram. i would stick to XP on that PC. with the old GPU their wouldn't be much of an advantage with windows 7. if the computer is for your dad then don't go with linux. you will be getting so many calls about how you install this or why that doesn't work it will drive you mad
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