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IS this Dell P1130 Good for gaming it has a max resolution of 2048x1536 at 80hz :) is it good for gaming even though it's crt? I have the choice of that monitor or a 15 viewsonic monitor. i have both of them just don't know which one to use. The graphics card I'll be usnig is an Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX and gonna run dual monitors probably LCD on it maybe the lCD and the Dell monitor combined :O ok so please I need this awnsered :) CRT vs LED?
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  1. They both are fine for gaming. All that hype you hear about CRT monitors phasing out and LCD is better. (Yes technically LCD is better) People dislike CRT over LCD because it's so big and heavy (lol) plus the screen always looks fuzzy if it's not setup right Plus it has more power consumption.

    All and all Both are fine for gaming but if you do have the choice of a LCD go for the LCD.

    You would also have no problem dual-display using both monitors.
  2. Well this monitor has SUPERB quality it looks great I compare the two and I'm like WTF?CRT is so much better but Bigger true. I'm almost done wiht my build gonna put a 955 BE in there with 4gb DDr3 1333mhz ram and the Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX :) the system will scream even at a budget build. Also is that particular video card good for runnin dual monitors while having it hooked up to the tv using S_video to component?
    And will it run Skyrim and Starcraft 2 well :) THanks OH and one more thing. My PSU is a Corsair CX430 V2 can ti handle that graphics card I bought a 2 molex to 6 pin adapter already so... Should I get a different PSU and video card or stick with what I've got until I get a little more money? Current setup is

    Case: Cooler Master Elite 430

    MOtherboard: ASUS M4A87TD Evo

    CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955BE

    GPu: Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX

    PSU: Corsair CX430

    HArd drive: 250gb Seagte BArracuda SATA

    SO yeah thats the build so will that graphics card be ok for me weven with only 430 watts to power it. Also I am looking at gettinga brand new EVGA 550Ti :) so yeah tell me if I can handle that stuff :)
  3. Well Skyrim will definatly be pushing it...

    If you're getting the GTX550Ti You'll need around 700watts
  4. I'm looking into that currently But what GPU can I get that MY PSU can handle :
    (Corsair Cx430) I'm pretty sure It can play skyrim on medium, During Skyrim I plan to have Skyrim on the CRT and webpages on the LCD. I ahvea PCI Express 2.0 Port. :)
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    The 8800 will definatly work with your current PSU You can probably shoot a little higher with a Geforce 9800GTX they're pretty cheap now.
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