Latency Spike.

Okay. This is really making me mad. I have a D-Link adapter card for my computer, and a Linksys Router.

Sadly, my Latency (as seen from ingame) has been randomly spiking from 98 ms to 20000 ms (no joke) in less than 3 seconds. It then stays that way for at least 10 minutes. Then It comes back down for a minute.

No other computers in my house are on.

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  1. And nothing else is running on your PC? I have had virus scans kick in and kill my games before :(

    You are hard wired, or wireless? Radio interference could slow down a wireless connection, as could a neighbor leeching your bandwidth.
  2. I'm wireless.

    New info, my computer is constantly losing connection to the router. Is it my network Card?

    Constantly as in ever 5 seconds. It's disconnected 8 times to type up this message
  3. Could be interference, so first try changing the router channel.

    If that does not help have a friend come over and see if their laptop has the same problem. If they do then it is your router; if they don't it is your laptop wireless.
  4. Brother's computer does not have same problems.

    I moved my network card to another slot in my mobo

    Same Problems.

    How do you change the router channel?
  5. Log into the admin screen. The channel will be an option for the wireless setup. It might be set to auto, but choose 6 or 11.
  6. where is this?

    can you be more specific?

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    Log into your Linksys router, just like when you set it up originally, and go to the wireless settings. You will be able to choose the channel. Change it to a different channel, but 6 and 11 are good channels to begin with.
  8. Oh dear, the computer that controls the linksys router is long gone :C
  9. The default IP for linksys routers is -- so open your web browser and enter and press enter and it should bring you to your router's configuration screen -- find the settings page and change the channel as Phil instructed -- This may help if there are others in your area using wireless routers as well or it might just be that you need a better network card for the laptop if the antennae signal strength is low or you might want to switch to a wired connection for gaming anyway since wireless will always be a bit slower\ less reliable than a wired connection.
  10. Please Log in page.

    What do I log in with?
  11. IF the username and password were not changed when it was setup --The default login information for Linksys routers depends on the model as shown below.

    Default user names:

    Linksys BEFW11S4, WRT54G: admin
    Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Ethernet routers: Administrator
    Linksys Comcast routers: comcast
    All other Linksys routers: [none]

    Default passwords:

    Linksys BEFW11S4: [none]
    Linksys Comcast routers: 1234
    All other Linksys routers: admin

    Where the word [none] is listed above, no name or password is required. Simply skip or press the Enter/Return key when prompted for those settings.

    If it was changed you'll need to either find what it was changed to or reset the router to factory defaults !
  12. Alright thanks guys. Changed the Channel.

    Unfortunately, I have no time to test things out, as it is quite late. I'll keep you posted tomorrow. Thanks for the help so far though
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