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Update Asus bios issue

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September 25, 2012 4:20:31 AM

Can't Update BIOS/ASUS Motherboard
To anyone that uses an ASUS MB and asusupdater to update BIOS....
I have always used ASUSupdater to update my BIOS, with the update from internet option.
I have three options to update from:

I always used the autoselect option and it always chose, It always worked fine and had no problems. Now it just wont work. just says connecting to server, then connected to server, then says disconnected from server, will not work.
The other two say 'network connection error: check to see if connected to the internet', well ofcourse I am.

So whats the deal? Has anyone else encountered this problem? I can't update BIOS the way I usually do.

I went to ASUS support and ofcourse found nothing there, so I am writing on here to see if anyone else that uses ASUSupdater to update BIOS has encountered this problem.

I suppose I will have to contact ASUS directly to get help, but if anyone cant help me, it would be most appreciated.

BTW, this is my motherboard, M5A88M:

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September 25, 2012 6:04:39 AM

It could be one node at somewhere (in the net structure) became weak..
u could try using trace route but nothing we can do about it... (well maybe contacted the isp but i don't think it will help)

Other than that... nope, no idea..
September 25, 2012 7:31:46 AM

dont use that update bios *** from asus...

1. get a usb..
2. download the asus driver latest version from the asus website
3. plug it into the pc
4. boot up and boot from the USB drive with the .CAP file.... mucg faster ..
November 28, 2014 12:57:11 PM

the Asus "bupdater" utility doesn't work for flashing the bios (re: Asus mobo M5A88-M original rev bios rev 0801), bupdater works fine for backing up the current bios but to flash the bios, boot into the bios and run the EZ2FLASH utility. Make sure your boot sequence is set so usb booting is LAST not first. The EZ2FLASH utility will auto reboot the system without warning or options when the flash is completed. The EZ2FLASH utility opens a window that looks just like bupdater. So all you need is a USB with the bios rev program on it you want to run. EZ2FLASH also gives you the option to backup current bios as well to the USB drive - you can also backup profiles to the USB drive. One thing I noticed is flashing M5A88-M from 0801 to 1702 saved my overclock profile (DCOP) that the 0801 was running on so was able to reload it without issue after flashing bios, but two other profiles that were saved in the 0801 bios (not to a disk) were no longer loadable, so I just replaced them with default e.g. Profile1 1 & 2 are default, Profile 3 is overclock ram. One other thing, you may already know, the bios update files downloaded from Asus names have to be changed to 8 chars or less for the DOS 1.3 (EZ2FLASH) utility to recognize and run them. I suggest using a clean (new) usb formatted to FATA32 (or 16) e.g. no former bootable operating systems on it, because usb is solid state, it never really removes files or o/s's when reformatted and can result in some strange scary reboots if USB is first in boot sequence when flashing the bios. I'm unfamiliar with *.CAP so just used the *.ROM, it flashes in < a minute so I'm not sure that <60 seconds is a big deal (except in nano-second world).