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Ati Mobility Radeon HD4650, but in device manager 4600.

I have Toshiba laptop L500D-16K, with HD 4650.
I reinstaled windows 7, and downloaded drivers from toshiba support site.
And my card in device manager is now shown as Ati mobility radeon 4600 series. Please help me, i am out of ideas, instaled leatest drivers few times, and hotfix drivers and again same issue.
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  1. That is what it should show! I do not know what you were expecting are the drivers not working? Windows 7 shows both of my Sapphire HD6950's as AMD HD 6900 Series.

  2. Before system reinstal it was HD4650... Never shown as 4600series.
    And when i uninstal 4600 in device manager it shows Ati mobility radeon hd 4650(Micosoft Corporation WDDM 1.1) ,but then system crushes when watching videos.
  3. So my card is working properly ??
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    Yes, my system shows my card as 7800 series, you're fine.
  5. Ok thanks, i was confused becouse earlier is shown as 4650, i guess its ok now... : >
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