Can a Core i3-3220 run battlefield 3

i am thinking of getting an i3-3220 for gaming.

Ivy Bridge
L3 Cache Size-
3MB Shared

can this run bf3 on high with reasonable fps
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  1. Yes.

    Again, this depends on the GPU you are going to use.
  2. i am using the Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 GHZ OC Edition
  3. You might be able to do medium-high on that card. The CPU isn't the problem, the GPU is.
  4. That's with a higher end processor than yours.
  5. If you are playing multiplayer, you will be right on the edge of performance and drop off with that setup. You may be able to push ultra textures but no Anti Aliasing, Anistropy or tessellations.
  6. is this fps?
  7. According to that link your 7770 has the same rating as my 6850. I haven't tried BF3 yet though, it is a hardware hog though.
  8. tekedit said:
    is this fps?

    Yes, that card really won't be able to push that much. It's a mid-low end card.
  9. yeah it also has the same rating as the radeon hd 7850? so i was wondering if it would mater.
  10. What res are we talking about here?
  11. Because that rating system is false and inaccurate.
  12. yea thats does seem very true... i think i will go with an i5 3470 and the radeon hd 7850 oc
  13. Like many synthetics you will find it grossly inaccurate but thats a different story. The HD 7850 will be a more prudent buy, at stock clocks its slightly underwhelming but slight clock bumps can have you gaming at GTX 580 levels.
  14. or will it still be aceptable to use the i3 3220 with the hd 7850 oc
  15. Yes.
  16. amuffin said:

    ok thank you, btw with the i3 would i use the stock fan or after stock?
  17. Stock.
  18. Don't waste money on a after market cooler. Rather get good case fans to ensure cooler case ambients and you should be good on temps.
  19. tekedit said:
    ok thank you, btw with the i3 would i use the stock fan or after stock?

    Not much point getting an aftermarket HSF on a non-overclockable CPU other than maybe 1) extra peace of mind of a cooler CPU and 2) use something that screws into a metal backplate instead of using push-pins so you never have to worry about the stock HSF loosening up in 3-4 years.

    #2 is my main reason for using a Hyper 212+ in my current PC and it will be my main reason for using a 212EVO in my next PC.
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