Need help Building a computer

Approximate Purchase Date: June 1st
Budget Range: 500-650
System Usage from Most to Least Important: Diablo 3
Parts Not Required:Just have a mouse..

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Frys electronics if possible

Country:Phoenix arizona

Parts Preferences: All im asking for is the i3 2120

SLI or Crossfire: no
Monitor Resolution: dont matter
Additional Comments: I just want it to run diablo on high settings if possible i dont want to be lagging all over the place. If possible also a monitor is needed as well as a keyboard.. Thanks for all the help im looking to buy on friday at frys store and hope i can get something there to get into the action asap!
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  1. hi. heres a suggestion

    hd 6770 - $100 after rebate
    asus mobo - $77
    i3-2120 - $125
    corsair vengence 4gb ram - $25
    acer 22' 1080 monitor - $100
    antec earth 500w - $60
    coolermaster elite case- $45
    WD blue 500gb 7200 rpm - 70$

    total - $602 before taxes

    I have a HD 6770 and i play diablo 3 on highest settings with anti aliasing and i get 55-60 fps on a 1920x1080 resolution.
  2. Thanks i hope my store has this in stock thankyou so much for your help. also 100 for a os im assuming ;/ dang why thehy so pricey
  3. oh yea forgot the OS which will be another 100

    you can save $20 by buying a really cheap case like this one

    and another $10 with this motherboard

    hmm cant see another way of cutting cost without compromising a good system. you can get a cheaper monitor, but i wouldnt suggest it. i upgraded from a 19' 720 monitor to a 23' 1080 monitor and it makes a world of difference. Totally worth it for gaming. I suggest spend a little extra :P
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