What is the best LGA1155 that offer from intel right now..

i have a 3770k OC to 4.4 stable... i was just wondering what is the best CPU from intel that offer for 1155 rigth now...
was thinking about upgrade to Asus P9X79 Pro with 3960k and OC that ... but kinda not wanting to give up on 1155 i7 3770k right now as my rig only 2 week old...
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  1. So, what kind of question is this?
  2. You already have the best one.
  3. Unless you are wanting an obscene amount of cache then stick with what you have.

    I honestly can't think why you'd want to ditch a high end CPU after two weeks, for one debate-ably better.

    If you're ever stuck for a place to fritter your money away there are some good causes under the heading 'charity'.
  4. well 3970k 2011FCLGA is coming Q3 8 core is not debateably better ????
  5. What you have is the best LGA1155 CPU.
  6. Better at what? Gaming and general use? No. A 6 or 8 core processor will help not one bit.

    Running a professional video and photo processing rig or running a large number of VMWare apps in a professional environment? Then maybe.

    If time is money then by all means get the best. It will pay for it's self over time.

    Or if you just have a need to have the biggest epeen and you have cash to throw away then by all means. Spend your cash on what you want.
  7. The 3770K should be fine fo you then. If you want to really speed things up get an SSD if you don't have one yet.
  8. do u think 240gb intel i7 compatibility ssd for 160 is cheap ?
  9. What model is it? Personally I would go with the Crucial M4 or Samsung 830. Those drives have the best record for reliabilty and both are very fast. Samsung also just released the 840 series that is about the fastest drive out there but it's too new to recommend yet. I would give it a few months at least to make sure it's not going to have problems like the second generation Sandforce drives did.
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