R6870HD or 560GTX(non Ti) 2 Gig?

Both are exact same price...



reviews compare the 1GIG model of 560 against 6870(with 6870 as the winner)...anybody got any idea how the 2gig model might hold up?
Please, no "ATI/NVIDIA rules so buy ATI/NVIDIA" fanboy comments...anything backed with either solid Benches or sensible theories are very much appreciated.

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  1. More memory shouldn't matter in the case of these cards.

    Zotec might be cheaper unless you live in the sellers city. I'm not a fan of Zotec cards so I'd get the Sapphire. (unless you need PhysX.)
  2. The 6870 1gb is a 5-10% better than 560 (non Ti) 1gb version. But i dont know how much better will be the 2gb version. But its a start, right? I mean it can perform 5-10% better than the 1gb version. But because the bottleneck thing u wownt get a 100% better performance, not at all, just a bit more.
  3. Like 4745 said, the memory wouldn't matter. And like einterlan said, the HD 7870 is a bit faster.

    The GTX 560 is not powerful enough to take advantage of 2GB of RAM. At most GTX 560 2GB card will give you 5-7 extra frame per second but the HD 6870 will still be faster So go with the HD 6870.
    Here's a review between them in an unknown site :D
  4. Thank you guys for all the input :)
    6870 it is :D
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