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I have a monitor that is faulty when turned on(turned on the monitor not the desktop).At first there is white texture that starts in the middle and spreads itself towards the edges of the screen.That lasts about 5 seconds.Then everything clears off a bit but now horizontal jagged lines appear on the screen.After that disspears the computer flickers for about 20 seconds.I bought the monitor knowing that it had a fault so i have no warranty and i doubt that the drivers are an issue.All answers will be appreciated.
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  1. sounds like its dying. if its led/lcd then the pixels are getting told to move when they should be still. which means its the motherboard. depending on model they can be quite cheap top replace but to be honest most manufacturers just bin them when they get a return so sending it off to get repaired is pretty much a no no even if your willing to pay. its just not worth the money to them.
  2. I recommend you replace your screen it sounds like it is about to die.
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