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Best Graphic Cards for ASUS Crosshair Formula V


Kindly help me decide best and a range of graphic cards supported by ASUS CROSSHAIR FORMULA V MB. Thanks
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  1. Welcome!
    Your motherboard supports any modern card that is on the market! It is more a question of $ budget and make model of PSU than your actual motherboard!
  2. and the rest of your hardware. also list monitor-res and what you will be doing with your machine.
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    Yea, if your just overclocking enthusiast a GTX 560 ti will work good as a Display GPU and overclocks nicely. or a 570/580.

    Like they said. it depends on your budget
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  5. the budget range $100 to $200. i want to create/render HD videos, work on solidworks 3d Asssembly, simulate 3d motion. The Dirt3,NFS carbon, games playing, should be able to run FULL HD movies on 1920X1080 ASUS ML238 Monitor.
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