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So, I've been hearing a weird noise coming from my case lately. Upon investigation I find that the sound is a very quiet, very soft pop, and sometimes it is many very rapidly. After doing some expirements trying to make the sounds, I find that sometimes, not all the time, when I run a program the noise will come from the CPU area. Not sure if it's the CPU but the area around it. But I cant always recreate the result, sometimes if the noise is going I can restart my PC and it goes away entirely, sometimes for a long time. But it inevitably comes back.

Any clue what it could be? I've been reading around and like I said, I don't think its a capacitor as I read somewhere that a capacitor makes a slight squeeling sound. This is definitely not a squeel.

Also, just for curiosity, how hot should this thing be running with all settings on default? I get about 35-40c idle, and not too much over that when running some fairly demanding games.

Thanks guys!
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  1. Coil whine from PSU, so are louder than others, but normally bad on cheap and nasty units.
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