6950 fan replacement?

Well, as the title suggest i need a replacement for my MSI r6950 Twin Frozr II fan. Like an idiot my finger got caught in one and it broke....I pretty sure I can super glue it back...just in case though these are just 80mm fans, right? I could buy a pwm fan and splice the cords together. This should work in theory...lol

Anyone have any similar experience?
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  1. Like an idiot my finger got caught in one and it broke....I pretty sure I can super glue it back...
    Super glue will work with gluing your finger back together. lol :lol: :lol:

    However the fan blade is another story I don't think that you can glue the blade back on and have it hold while spinning at such high speeds. Your better off replacing the fan and I'm sure that if you contact tech support for MSI they can tell you what fan to get for a replacement. The fans on the Twin Frozer 11 are special made and I doubt that the fan blades are the same as a regular 80mm fan. The fans in the Twin Frozer are 8cm fans which are the same as a 80mm fan size.
  2. ive seen a couple people post and said they did it and it worked fine....I may give it a shot...just to see what happens...I plan on getting the GTX 680 next month anyways. Just want to keep this alive while i can!

    That OR just order a 10 dollar replacement fan from frozencpu and wire it to my mobo.

    EDIT: or just cut the cord and let one fan run? or is this a worse idea...
  3. The 6950 is not that old, are you sure it's out of warranty?
    Use GPU-Z to check the temperatures if you use just the one fan!
    I'd go for the second option, though, cable tie or wire a 80 m.m. fan over the dead one.
  4. There are a lot of video cards that have just the one fan so it does mean that you could get away with one for now. You could be fine for most games but with BF3 you would have to watch the temps because that game will stress the card real hard. You may be able to just place another fan to blow at the end of the card or from the side panel of the case and that would be helpful.
  5. Send it to the factory and get it repaired. A glued blade will be out of balance when it spins. Better to have it first rate so you can sell it when you replace it.
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