Defect discovered in the xbox 360 !!!

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The defect is that people are willing to pay $399+ for an xbox 360!!
They could be getting them FREE, and so could you!!!

It's time for you to get your free iPod.. What are you waiting for.
It's not a scam.. You hear about it EVERYWHERE.. It's not a trick.. I
just got a 20GB iPod and sold it on ebay for $250 in CASH !!!

I've also got a Sony Vaio Laptop and a Panasonic 42" PLASMA TV!!!
(I'll be keeping them.. Thanks :-)

Right now, I'm working on a new 60GB iPod, a 1GB iPod Shuffle, and OH,
I almost forgot, a new X-Box 360 Premium Edition (the $399 version, not
the cheapo one...)

This stuff REALLY works.. You just follow my links, sign up (using
your e-mail address, or even a new e-mail address that you just created
for this promotion (so you don't get spammed..) Then sign up for one
promotion. For me, I just signed up for a credit card. They're free
and they usually have those 0% interest for a year deals.. Anyway, I
digress. After you've signed up for your single promotion, you don't
have to sign up for anything else!!! Just pass the link they give you
around to friends, or to message groups like this one. You ONLY need
to get 3 others to sign up if you want a free 1GB iPod shuffle. You
can also sign up for the 60GB Photo iPod or the xbox 360. Same deal,
sign up for 1 thing, get others to do the same..

HOW EASY IS THAT ???!!!!???

Go to: for 3 links to some FABULOUS
TOYS!!! They're FREE.. It's AWESOME !!!

Have fun !!

If you have any questions or need more info, just e-mail me at:

See ya,
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    I agree to give my personal information to a bunch of sleazy
    telemarketers because they promise to send me something of value! I
    have no written guarantee that they will actually do this, just other
    people telling me over the Internet that they got their stuff!

    Golly! Sounds like a great deal!

    - Jordan
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