Why are some 3 year old server CPUs still so expensive?

I'm looking to build a new server and was looking at CPUs. I'm scratching my head about the pricing of some of the CPUs. I'm looking at:
1. Intel Xeon E5-2630. PassMark Dual CPU score of 19031. Released Q1, 2012. ~ $700-$1300
2. Intel Xeon X5570. PassMark Dual CPU score of 11896. Released Q1, 2009. ~ $1700-$3000

Why would a 3 year old CPU that scores, 40% lower then a new one, cost twice as much?

On a side note, anyone have any CPU recommendations for a dual CPU setup that will be DB and AppServer heavy?
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  1. I would guess that it is a lack of supply and availability. Go look up DDR2 RAM and see how expensive that is in comparison to a new set of DDR3.
  2. You get 2 of the Xeon X5570 with a used workstation/server around it for the $1700 on ebay. :)
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    Often older stuff maintains high prices because it is the only option.

    If buying a whole new system is prohibitively expensive, the old stuff can retain pricing.

    If the old motherboard could hold the newer processor, the old one would lose its price really fast. Due to slot restrictions, that often doesn't happen.

    If AMD/Intel could just pick one slot and stick with it permanently, then prices would fall in line like they should.
  4. Thanks for the responses.
  5. Suppy/Demand.
  6. and you can always use newegg and ebay to find the cheapest prices and bundeles
  7. I just wanted to throw out there that I would strongly advise everyone not to use most "bundles".

    Retail store owners through the history of time have used bundle deals to get rid of excess inventory that they can't possibly sell any other way. Newegg/Tigerdirect/Amazon are no different.

    Expect the worst quality products on the market to be included in any kind of "kit" you come across. It may come reasonably cheap, but the parts included are probably pretty cheap too.
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