Ddr3 vs ddr5 radeon 6770

whats the difference between the radeon 6770 ddr3 and ddr5 ?
theres a huge difference in the pice... why ?
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  1. GDDR5 is quad pumped so its transfer rates are twice as high as DDR3, so if a GDDR5 card has a 128 bit bus and a DDR3 card has a 256 bit bus their memory bandwidth will be basically identical.
  2. aight....!! thanks a ton !
  3. The performance difference between DDR3 and DDR5 will likely be somewhere between 5% - 10%.
  4. really ???? are u sure ?? the difference in the price is a worth like 4 gig dd3 ram or maybe more
  5. it cant be just 5 10% i guess .... :/
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