I randomly don't get sound output

Hello. I've been a long time browser of Tom's Hardware forums and you people have helped me solve many problems! However, I have encountered something I cannot find an already available solution too...

The Problem: Sometimes I don't get sound on videos, applications, etc. A temporary fix is opening and reopening the application until it works (or in the case of youtube videos, refreshing the video.) This becomes really frustrating when watching videos (having to refresh the page sometimes 4 or more times just to hear the sound. and then if I pause the video the sound sometimes stops again.)

Steps I've attempted to (unsuccessfully) fix this: Disabled all sound devices besides my 'Speakers' and set them to default.
Changed my headset
Re-installed my realtek drivers with the most current version
Reset the driver to default

If anyone knows a way to fix this, I'd be really appreciative. Thank you! :D
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  1. If its an OEM computer e.g-Dell, HP download drivers from their website.
    If its a custom computer download from realtek website.
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