Is this a good build for gaming pc, very limited budget

Palit GTX550 Ti 1gb ddr5 192bit hdmi
Asus P8Z68-V LE Z68/Virtu/ISRT
Intel Core i5-2500K
Huntkey APFC 700w
Corsair 4GB ddr3 (VS4GB1333D3) x 2
1.0TB WD Blue
Asus 24x 24B3ST
AeroCool StrikeX
Windows 7 Home Premium OEM
D-Link 525 WiFi G
23” LG E2351VR LED 1920×1080 hdmi
can u check if this is a good spec for gaming. im a newbie at this. would really appreciate if u reply.
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  1. That will make a nice PC for gaming up to 1680x1050 resolution. For 1920x1080, I would move up to a little bit faster graphics card. The 550ti will work fine at 1080p, but you will have to back off on some of the eye candy to keep the frame rates playable. If you can afford the extra expense, I would get at least a GTX 460 or 560 instead. Or an HD 6850 if you want to go AMD.,3107-7.html
  2. What is your budget?

    If all those components comprise your total budget I would say you need get a cheaper CPU and a more expensive GPU, for a better 1080p gaming experience. Also you shouldn't need a 700w power supply. I think around a 550w should be plenty.
  3. If you have a limited budget, why spend so much of it on a CPU?

    Get a i5 2300 for ~$60 less and a decent H77/B75 board for ~$50 less. Put that money into a better graphics card.

    The ability to overclock will mean nothing in gaming, unless your GPU has the power to handle the additional workload. For example, clutchc's rig above has 2xGTX570's, which can actually push an overclocked CPU.
  4. guys tnx for the this ok
    Intel Core i5-2300
    Asus P8H77-M LE
    Thermaltake LitePower (600w)
    Corsair XMS3 4gb (CMX4GX3M1A1333C9) 1x4
    AeroCool StrikeX
    Asus 24x 24B3ST
    1.0TB WD Blue
    EVGA GTX560 Ti FPB 1gb ddr5 hdmi
  5. Change the power supply. Horrible choice.

    You also need 2 sticks of ram for a dual channel setup.
  6. Like amuffin said you need 2 sticks of ram for dual channel so get 2x2gb or 2x4gb.

    In the same price range as a 560Ti you can get a Radeon HD 6950 which is a better card: $199 is a really good deal for this gpu.

    Since this is a gaming build you might consider spending an extra $30 to get the Radeon Hd 7850 a newer gpu that uses less power and is more future proof.
  7. Intel Core i5-2300 [...] -1677.html

    Asus P8H77-M LE

    iMaster PRO 80+ 600w

    Kingston Hyper X 4gb Genesis (1800C9D3K2/4G) 2x2 [...] g-2x2.html

    AeroCool StrikeX

    Asus 24x 24B3ST

    1.0TB WD Blue [...] lue-1.html

    Asus 6870 1gb ddr5 256bit

    i might replace the graphic card with PowerColor HD7850 2gb ddr5 256bit
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