R7950 Issue with GTA4? Gemme a Break already -.-

Ok....This is just...This is seriously getting old, stupid and ubberly rediculous. I come to people for help and improving my system believing everything is going to be ok with PC games and all. I still thank them for the help. However every SINGLE time i get involved with certain PC games, STILL...STILL..STILL problems. I just bought a 1050w Power Supply from ULTRA, and upgraded my Graphics Card from an Nvidia 440 GT to a XFX R7950 Double D Black Edition. I have 8GB of Memory, a 1TB Hard drive with a backed up 500GB Hard Drive for data, Intel i7 core 3.4 Quad and yet....A game like GTA4 tells me i exceed my Video Settings in red words or whatever. The game lets me play in horrible crap quality. I have the LATEST Drivers from AMD (Everything else is updated) Running Windows 7 x64 Home Edition. So...SERRIOUSLY what in the world gives? I tried that no limit text file thing. It did work but then the next thing i know i'm walking in the air and there were objects missing all around the city. Even if i could drive a car, it's extremely laggy. I did not have these problems with the GT 440 but what did get on my nerves about it was this Lagging problem, but the real reason i got the new Card is for Sims 3. The Sims 3 believe it or not, takes ALOT out of your graphics card. Why, because the bigger your property/home is, the more the video card starts working. Especially when you're using mods to add to it. But enough out of that... I just wanna know why this is happening with GTA4 with this card. -__-

Any help is much appreciated. :)
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  1. By the way, in case some of you don't already know, i have a Gateway FX 6850-51U.
  2. I played games today like Crysis 2, Fear 3, MW3, in the HIGHEST Quality available, yet absolutely no problems with those games. They run Grade A perfect.
  3. Seems like putting the Texture and Render Quality on Medium has it run perfectly. At 738/3044 memory. Pfft... I could do this same thing with my GT 440 so i don't see the point of playing this game on this card to see improvements if all it does is lag on High Quality. Although i must be blind to see the difference anymore. lol
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    Its the AMD Drivers, i have that problem as well with my 6850 radeon. Strong processor and 6gigs of ram but the game is chopping badly... my friend has an i3 2100 and a 5770 radeon and its the same issue as mine. Its the drivers that are faulty dude, try nvidia

    dude, he already fixed it. it's the game, not AMD... read the thread, and stop being an Nvidia fanboi... :pfff:
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