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My sound was working fine but my son decided to kick my computer and knocked it over, and a continuous high pitched sound was coming from the computer. I turned it off and then back on, and now I am not getting sound.

I'm getting a message that my Realtek High Definition is not plugged in. How do I plug that in?

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  1. is your audio built on your motherdoard or is it a seperate sound card? if its on your motherboard then you may not have any luck but if you have a sound card try seating it back into your socket on your motherboard. if its built into the motherboard or if your sound card still doesnt work then your only choice is to buy a sound card for your computer.
  2. I do have a sound card and I did reset the card. I then made the card the default audio and things seem to be working now.

  3. cool! glad you solved the problem so easily
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