Is CPU bottleneck GPU?


i'm planning to upgrade my CPU and add a GPU. Maybe a radeon 7970. but i as of right now i have a i3-2100. will that handle graphics i want. if not can the i5-3570K handle this card?
i want to play games like BF3,skyrim,max payne, or other high-end games.

and whats a good power supply? i have a 450w but only as one 1 pin connector and thats connected on the CPU fan.
is this one better for the card and cpu?

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. Rosewill are so-so power supplies. Personally, I would get something better for a performance card,like seasonic or corsair.
    Yes, that is too much graphics card for an i3. Get the i5. I'd say 600w 80+ bronze certified would run your card well.
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    In most games the i3 should be fine. You can always upgrade it later if you feel you're bottlenecking.
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