CPU was 39c idle and now it's 79-85c idle

Hey guys, My CPU was 39c yesterday with it going to about 47c playing SC2 maxed out. Now when I turn my computer on and now it's going from 79-85c on HWMonitor and CPU-Z with 3% CPU usage and 2gb ram used(total 32gb). My computer room is super cold, Inside feels cold, But ROG BIOS says the CPU temp is 19c and 17c GPU.

Would it be the termal paste but why would it be so hot now?

Thanks a lot.
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  1. Can you touch the CPU heat sink? If the heat sink isn't very hot to the touch, then the BIOS might have inaccurate temperature reading.
  2. The BIOS is reading about 19c but when I load it up it goes upto 80c, The heat sink is not hot.
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    If the heat sink is not hot when you load it up, then that the temp report might be wrong. Can you install other temp reporting programs? Sometimes, one or two work better than the others and the BIOS. Also, what CPU do you have?
  4. I've got the Intel Core i7 3930K 3.2Ghz LGA 2011. Let me try come more programs :)
  5. Before you try some more programs you should try reseating your heatsink. If your temps are correct the last thing you want to do is stress test the cpu and fry it.
  6. I just redid the thermal paste, lets see if this works, Thanks a lot guys :)
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