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So I'm in the process of upgrading/building a machine to play games like Skyrim, Witcher 2, Fallout 3 New Vegas, Diablo 3 and various Turn-Based Strategy games, so no FPS games. I'm looking for a Video Card that can handle the HD textures of the above games, my monitor is an HP LP2275w with a max resolution of 1680x1050. I bought an eVGA 560 ti 2GB card but I don't think it's what I want/need and am considering returning it and getting something else. Possibly a 560 ti 448? Any advice would be helpful. Oh I'm also upgrading my CPU to probably an i7 920/940.
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  1. GTX560Ti should be great at 1680 x 1050 resolution!
  2. Should I be concerned about their not being enough VRAM for the HD Textures from games such as Skyrim? I hear installing those sucks up a gig or more of VRAM. Is this on all resolutions or just the 1920 that it does this? I think the 560ti 448 have 1.2 gig that's why I was thinking of that.
  3. So you list you have a 2GB card and you want to swap to 1.2GB card?
    Any way the lower the resolution the less Vram is used you would be fine with a 1GB card on your resolution.
  4. I agree with Rolli59 statement. 2GB VRAM is more than enough for HD textures on that display. You only need more than that if your playing on Ultra HD screens.
  5. agree with rolli

    gtx 560ti is more than enough. in addition if ur rig is our from intel based you will get additional vram from system ram.

  6. You can get 570 for $285...560Ti 448 is the same price

    What CPU do you have right now?
  7. 560Ti 448 I found for $240
  8. Yeah I have a 560 ti 2GB but it's not the 448 so while it has a lot of memory it's not as fast or as overclockable. So I guess it'll be the 560 ti 448 or perhaps one of the new Radeon cards....
  9. The 7870 stock is comparable to a 448-core once OCed.
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