Is This a Good PSU?

I'm building a new gaming PC, and I'm looking for a new PSU. Is this Rosewill one any good?
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  1. It's the same PSU as the OCZ ZS-750, except with modular cabling. Quality-wise it's a decent PSU if you're on a tight budget, but it's far from the best unit out there.
  2. Pretty good. No reason not to go with it.
  3. It's actually a very good unit. These are maybe a little better for around the same price.

    The PC Power and Cooling is an especially good deal with a 7 year warranty and it's 80+ Silver certified.

    Are you sure you need 750 watts? You plan on multiple graphics cards? If not then this is a very good place to see how much power a system needs with just about every graphics card out there.
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