Problem with home built computer detecting hard drive

Hello, I recently built my first computer and I am having issues with the computer detecting the hard drive.

At first my hard drive was recognized and I did all my installations fine but when ever I shut the computer off and later turned it on again, it couldn't boot because it didn't recognize a hard drive. When I went into the BIOS it still said there was no detected hard drive. So I just turned the computer off, cracked open the case, and re plugged all the SATA connectors from the motherboard to the hard drive. When I booted it up it worked and the hard drive was recognized and everything booted up normally. But then the next time I shut my computer down, it wouldn't recognize the hard drive when I started it up. Now, every time I shut my computer off, or put it in sleep mode, it can't detect the hard drive and I have to go in and unplug and then re plug everything. Is there any way to fix this so I don't have to go through the big hassle every time?

Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V LE LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive
Connection: SATA 6.0 GB/S

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    Did you check for BIOS upgrades? I see the most recent is 5/18/12.

    If that fails try replacing the SATA cable and use a different power cable.

    If those fail RMA the drive.
  2. Ok, I will try these things and get back to you, thanks.
  3. Hello, sorry that it has taken me a while to respond, I have been trying some things out and seeing if they work over a period of time.

    So far I have updated the BIOS, changed the SATA connectors (but not the power connectors), and updated/installed some drivers from ASUS. Doing all of these has helped but not totally fixed the problem. Now, if I cleanly shut down the computer I can later reboot and it works fine. But if I ever have to force shut down it sometimes won't work. In addition, it still fails to work when awakening from sleep mode so for now I had to disable sleep mode.

    So should I still try to RMA the drive or is there anything else I could do to completely fix the problem?
  4. Still sounds like a bad drive, but I can't be sure. Ideally you would test it in anther computer.
  5. Ok, unfortunetly I don't have that option.

    Thanks for your help, I will keep trying.
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  7. Hi,it's probably the SATA mode setting is changed to IDE in AHCI in the BIOS default,regards,Bob
  8. That's a great idea. You should check what it's set to.
  9. I checked and it is currently on AHCI. Should it be changed to IDE or RAID?
  10. You can try to set it to IDE mode. The drive is fully compatible with AHCI mode so I would not expect this to help, but if you originally had set it to IDE mode, installed the OS, then switched it to AHCI mode that would cause issues.
  11. No I haven't changed it at all, it has been on default, AHCI, the entire time.
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