hello im trying to build a quiet but verry efficient system i need some help on the PSU can't decide i was going for a Corsair GS 700 but than i heard corsair fans are loud i don't know if thats true but it got me to decide to look for another one so im thinking in going for the Be Quiet Straight Power E8 700W, but still can anyone tell me a good one and keep in mind the quiet factor PSU?


i5 3570K
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  1. my vote is a Corsair TX 650w. its not loud at all. i have the 850 and for me its perfect...
  2. The TX650 would be a solid choice. Make sure it is version 2 (denoted as "V2"), since it is a bit better internally than the first generation.
  3. Yes TX650 V2, not 650TX.
  4. My vote would be for the Seasonic X650; it does not even run its fan under low loads unless or until it heats up.
  5. It's hard to think of the PSU as somehow separate from the case as quite often they are designed to work together. The most obvious example of this is the Antec CP series of PSU's. Antec has designed these PSU's using the CPX form factor which results in larger PSU.....larger, in effect means quieter as surface areas are bigger, and therefore less fan is required to cool the components. The CP-850 manages to garner a 10.0 performance rating on jonnyguru.

    The CPX form factor Case / PSU combos fall into two scenarios:

    1. Optimized Cooling - Antec DF-85 or Antec 1200 V3 used in conjunction with the Antec CP-850 is designed for high performance / overclocking enthusiasts who push for the highest OC's and are looking for high air flow without feeling as if they live next to an airport due to the the air jet noise.

    2. Optimized Acoustics - Antec P183 or Antec P193 used in conjunction with the Antec CP-850 is designed for high performance / enthusiasts who aren't necessarily looking for the highest OC's but are more concerned with a noise free working environment. Here the sound proofing in the cases comes up big to meet those goals.

    I oft use the 1st option for gaming builds and the 2nd for workstation builds.

    DF-85 ($140) -
    1200 V3 ($160) -

    P193 ($185) -
    P183 ($140) -

    CP-850 ($120) -
    CP-1000 ($150) -

    [The CP-850] is completely unmatched by any ATX unit on the market I can think of. You'd have to spend twice as much as this thing costs to find the next best thing, performance wise.

    For a great explanation as to how the two components work together with respect to thermal and acoustic performance read the article linked below:

    The Antec CP-850 is a superlative power supply by almost any standard. Its electrical performance is up at the level of its more expensive brethren, the Signature 650 and 850, and Seasonic's flagship, the M12D-850: Voltage regulation is extremely tight for all the lines at all loads, and the ripple noise is amazingly low......

    The noise performance is excellent, with the <400W performance matching or bettering virtually every PSU tested thus far. Above 500W load in our heat box, the noise level goes over 40 dBA@1m, or about the norm for PSUs rated this high. It has the virtue keeping itself extremely cool, however, cooler than any other PSU we've tested at such high loads.

    A serious consideration is that in each of the[four] compatible Antec cases, the CP-850 mounts on the bottom, and the intake for the PSU is quite separate from the rest of the system. In the P193 and P183, the PSU is in an entirely separate thermal chamber, and in the model 1200 [&DF-85], a direct path can be maintained to the directly opposite, wide-open front vent. This means that our extreme hot box test conditions never apply to the CP-850; in other words, SPCR's test environment is unrealistically hot for the CP-850. Our atypical spot check with a room ambient thermal test showed the CP-850 would reach only 24 dBA@1m at 700W load in a 27°C working environment. This is ridiculously quiet for such high power output.

    The above is an obviously unfair advantage for the CP-850... but what of it? Antec has used an integrated systems approach for its CP-850 and its best cases, and if that approach is an advantage over all other case/PSU combinations, then, all the more power to Antec!.....

    For the quiet-seeking computer gaming enthusiast, the CP-850 (along with any of the[four] compatible cases) is something of a godsend
    . Fantastically stable power, super low noise at any power load, long expected reliability due to excellent cooling, modular cabling, and all at a price that's no higher than many high end 6~700W models. That you're limited to one of [four] well-executed high cases from Antec — one mostly for silence (P183), [two] mostly for gaming (1200 & DF-85) and one that's really an ultimate everyman case (P193) — is not exactly a hardship either.

    You can mix and match components to try and accomplish the same thing but if unsure, this "systems" approach won't leave ya disappointed.

    One more note on efficiency..... PSU's reach their maximum efficiency at 50% load. All other things being equal...a system drawing say 425 watts from an 850 watt PSU will be more efficient and therefore quieter and produce less heat than one drawing that load from a 650 watt PSU.
  6. boiler1990 said:
    The TX650 would be a solid choice. Make sure it is version 2 (denoted as "V2"), since it is a bit better internally than the first generation.

    hey so ima send you the link of where im going to buy that one that you sayd (TX650) the link and the website will be in my country language but i think you will get the picture if it is or it is not the one you talking about
  7. That is the one.
  8. Yes, the 'V2' in the product name denotes that it is the second generation.
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