Gpu upgrade?

i have following system specs:

simmtronics g-31e(k) motherboard
intel e5700
corsair cx430 v2
samsung 22" led monitor
3gb ddr2 ram
windows 7 32bit
500gb hdd

i want a gpu that will max out every game in full hd with all eye cany turned on

maximum i mean latest or high end gpu model handled by corsair cx430 v2 without any problems?
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  1. To be honest, you'll most likely want to upgrade your entire system if you want to play all the latest titles maxed out. Any GPU that's really a 'match' for your system will not be able to max out the most recent titles, nor will it be really be suitable for gaming. But that's just my opinion, so someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Your cpu isnt good enough to max out the latest games, no matter what gpu you have. To max out the latest games you need a decent, modern quad core cpu, a GTX570, or AMD HD6970 class GPU , and it will take a quality 600 watt power supply to power it.
    (second post I've followed you on mocchan, just thought that was an odd coincidence)
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