Anyone know a good gaming laptop website? I need some help plz

I am selling my alienware aurora r4 on ebay and people have told me I am not going to get the amount of money that I want which makes me very upset because gaming laptops are extremely expensive, but other than that, I have been looking at the Alienware m17x because it has been rated best gaming laptop of 2012 seen here

I have also been looking at the Origin EON 17-s and eon-slx they both kinda look the same to me, and they both look like really good laptops.

I'm hoping someone can tell me that I have hope in finding a nice gaming laptop that can run games very smoothly like BF3,WoW,diablo3, LoL, ETC. for atleast $1800 or lower.

I am really getting worried here because I need a laptop for school but this means I have to get rid of my desktop. which is the alienware aurora r4 with a gtx 670 that can run all my games on ultra settings, how much would a laptop cost to be able to do that?

anyway, Thank you in return
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  1. ASUS and Clevo/Sager are great.

    A laptop will not beat a desktop. You could build a good decent gaming desktop and get a good school laptop.
  2. The problem is that laptops hardware is still inferior to desktops. FOr $1800 you could probably build a quad core desktop with 16GB of RAM, a SSD and data HDD and a nice GTX680 or HD7970 that would play all those games on max smooth as butter.

    Well except MP3 as MP3 needs like 6GB of VRAM to be played maxed out on 1920x1080.

    So expect to pay quite a bit for a gaming laptop but not get 100% maxed out gaming.
  3. this is actually my first post here Odd that I'm answering a question rather than asking but yea well in a second I'll be asking..

    Everyone ( except You apparently ) knows alienware hot game laptops...
    Again I cant believe you haven't just googled "gaming laptop" geeze really ?!?!?

    but Actually my new lenovo I bought for software development (Intel I7) is pretty hot.

    My main desktop ( AKA my soon to be asked question on this forum) had it's motherboard die.

    Well unfortunately I was in the middle of building a new desktop again for development ( new Job)
    so as I was missing my outlet for my horrible quake live habit I of course installed the web client on my laptop
    and she runs awesome.. HOT (literally) but very impressive for a laptop.... :bounce:
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