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Ive got a question for the pro's, Ive got my CPU (i5 2500k Sandy Bridge watercooled) overclocked to 4.7 using the Asus AI Suite and after a few days of using it , i will turn the computer on and it will power on and off three times and then say the overclocking has failed. Im not sure how to fix this, now its at the stock 3.3. Ive tried running the AI Suite again and it got back to 4.7 but it just fails again after a few days. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Are you always trying to do the Extreme overclock? If so, I would go down to the Fast overclock. It may get to 4.7, but that doesn't mean that it is stable at that speed.
  2. Obviously 4.7 just isn't stable for your system. Try a manual overclock to 4.5 and see if that works.
  3. Try increase VCORE then test using IBT (Intel Burn Test) for 10 pass in "Very High" mode. Increment by 0.005 until it doesn't crash anymore.
  4. If he is overclocking by AI Suite, he may not know how to do so. Doing the fast automated overclock on AI Suite, you should be able to get to 4.5 still, and most likely be stable, since it doesn't push as far as Extreme.
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    you are better off learning how to overclock it manually

    asus AI suite has a bad habit of putting too much vcore through your cpu is a great place to find out about overclocking
  6. Always overclock through your BIOS. Windows applications that direct access your microcode is unstable unless checking temps or voltages
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