Cheap gaming cases

hey guys, i need a cheap gaming cases. around £20 - £40

does anyone know a good gaming cases, which has good air flow ?

thanks :)
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  1. Antec One.
    Cooler Master Elite 430.
    NZXT tempest 210.
    Bitfenix Merc Alpha.
  2. thanks guys.
  3. do you know any cases which are unique ? like, dont really look like a case something with flashing lights or an alien look or sumthing?
  4. Not for that price range. I don't sorry!
  5. okayy
  6. Actually the bitfenix merc alpha is understated.
  7. well is there any cases with a sidle panel window and a front panel which you can open?
  8. Side window on the 430. Front panel door isn't happening for 40 quid.Think 60 thereabouts.
  9. new egg deal today Antec Three Hundred 39.99 usd
  10. If you can push for £50 then the zalman z11 is a good choice, looks good, ive built a pc in one last week and its excellent for the price!
  11. HAF 912. Boring & big - but cheap ....
  12. odiervr said:
    HAF 912. Boring & big - but cheap ....
    I think only the 912 plus is over where he is at i couldn't find the HAF 912 and 912 plus was over budget :pfff:
  13. thanks guys, you've really helped!
  14. If cheap is what your fater check out the Casecom

    Just don't get one with the psu as these will really crap units.
  15. Your more than welcome!Good luck!
  16. Never heard of that case looks very nice though bud enjoy!
  17. Looks alot lile a 430,but seems good. Enjoy.
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