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im trying to flash my bios because my computer froze and now i dont have any OS. i learned my bios were broken when i tried to install linux. so i made a bootable bios cd. now when it starts i see that it says no drive found. so when it gets to when it ask for the path to choose and i type it i just get not found
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    Boot into BIOS. Look at the boot order list. Is your hard drive there?

    Either the BIOS is not seeing the drive or the drive is no longer bootable.

    If the BIOS is not seeing the drive POST here. There are one or two things to try before you replace the drive.

    If the drive is not bootable then POST here too. It might be as simple as rebuilding teh master boot record (easy) or resetting the SATA adapter mode (easy) or it might mean reinstalling windows.
  2. I am reposting this question but with everything i have tried and the problems i have found. also my hard drive show's up and i have tried to reinstall windows
    . i think the bios is not seeing the drive not sure tho. thank you for the help
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