What are the best two monitor's to put side by side

I am Looking for two monitor's that i can put side by side to play video games.

Preferably Asus, i love supporting Asus, and i feel there product's are made of high quality. There mobo's, Graphics, routers and network adapters.

first off i am running a HD 6950, i should have no problem's doing this

Secondly i plan on placing them side by side for now, then maybe in the future use display mount.

if anyone has any suggestion's or anything i should be concerned about with two monitors please let me know.

Also, is back lighting important?

i have about 300 i can spend for two monitor's, i plan on buying from newegg.

thank you in advance
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  1. have you actually tried 2 with gaming? it doesn't really work. You have the bezels right down the middle of the screen blocking your view/crosshairs/target. It would drive.me nuts. And you cant wrap them around the sides either. you really almost need 3 at a minimum
  2. I'd take 3 of these puts you 60 Buck over. They are a good deal though

    You can come right in at 300 with 3 of these

    Problem is I'd want to mount them in portrait and that darn pointed bottom bezel would mess that up
  3. thanks guys, id figure it be ok. I mainly Play MMO's
  4. starcore said:
    thanks guys, id figure it be ok. I mainly Play MMO's

    Up to you of course. Its a personal thing and I don't do much MMOing. So if it works for you great. Less resolution for the GPU too so might get higher settings.

    I do love my Asus and have no complaints(besides 1920x1200 practically dieing off so I can't get more of them). My friend is doing 3 Acers for his racing sim and said they were nice as well.
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