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I have a ASROCK 970 EXTREME4/ which is best processor to choose for this mainboard. I want to connect 2 PCI-E ATI HD 6970 video card.
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  1. Well if you are planning to get that motherboard (with the processor of course) with that kind of GPU configuration, I don't recommend you to do so. The currently fastest Processor with that motherboard according to tom's hardware is the AMD FX-4170

    But, this will give you a bottleneck still, except you want to insanely overclock this baby processor.

    So what you do is, either get a different motherboard and an i5-2500k and overclock it. Or kill of that GPU configuration and get one 7870 which performs like a GTX 580 (on an overclocked FX-4170, which probably don't have a bottleneck).
  2. I would recommend a 8350 if your going AMD, cheap 175$ on amazon right now and spend a lil bit of money on a closed loop liquid cooler and OC the heck out of it. If your going with intel than I highly recommend the i3770k. it honestly depends on your budget and what you will be doing with the pc. Of course if u want the best of the best gaming and have endless amounts of money to drop into it then go with intel, if your a budget buyer and cant drop 3k into a new pc then go with AMD. I love both but honestly I cant tell much of a difference between the 2 and they both have the same GPU 7970. The pixels area little better on the intel but that's really it.
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