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I've been looking to buy a graphics card for a few days now and as I'm on a tight budget I have decided to get the ATI HD 6770, and I would want high/medium settings on a resolution of 1920x1080.

I have found two similar cards but not sure which one to get. What are the differences/if any between them two graphics cards?

Or products/Asus ATI Radeon 6770 850MHz HD 1GB PCI-E HDMI Direct CU Graphics Card ?productId=46426

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. XFX is good. They offer a lifetime warranty on their cards which is why they are a bit overpriced. I've heard horror stories about warranty.

    Asus does not compromise a thing on quality. Their cards are probably at the top of the list when it comes to quality. They offer a 5 year warranty I believe on the video cards which is superior and their warranty service is great as well.

    Personally I'd go Asus before XFX for a video card. Otherwise they are the same video card, same amount of ram, the difference being mainly the heatsink/fan cooling design used. Different manufacturers use their own design for cooling video cards. I always choose Asus or Gigabyte for video cards. I stay clear of sapphire, power color, etc... which seem to fail early.
  2. ASUS one has DCUII, XFX one seems to have regular/reference cooler. I think the main difference of these two would be the warranty and the cooler as stated above, because they are obviously the same card. XFX one has dual lifetime warranty, but ASUS has got only 3 years.

    I would personally go for ASUS in this because of the cooler, and warranty doesn't matter to me as in 3 years time I would probably do an upgrade.

    If you want more real 1920x1080 performance, you can get this 6850 (also an ASUS DCUII card) which is on sale on Overclockers uk. It costs 20 GBP more.
  3. Thank you very much for your help, I was convinced after reading both posts to go for the ASUS 6770 but that 6850 does look good.

    My current setup is:

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4
    4GB Ram
    ASUS P5QE Motherboard
    Cooler Master M700 PSU

    I read the 6850 uses alot of power, meaning it will be costly to run. Is this true?

    Would I be able to run all games on high? and how much more powerful is the 6850 compared to the 6770? Is it worth the extra money?

  4. No 6850 is pretty efficient and only need one 6-pin PCI-E power connection to run (just like the 6770). So it's not that 'costly' and 'uses a lot of power'. Your CM Silent Pro M700 Should be more than enough for a 6850.

    Your Setup looks fine with 6850

    We are not sure about 'Will I be able to run all games on high?', but you can look on benchmark how the 6850 performs. There is one on tom's hardware too.

    I can say 6850 is worth it for the 20 GBP you spend. It delivers good performance over 6770.
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