Cpu upgrade advice

Hi all,
i'm in a bit of a quandry. I've been browsing cpu prices and the like, and want to jump in to some i7 socket 2011 love, but nothing i run actually stresses my current setup.

current spec.
Asus P5Ke-wifi something mainboard.
Intel Core2 Quad 9650
444/1776Mhz FSB pushing the cpu clock to 3996Mhz
8GB DDR2 1066 dual channel ram running at 888Mhz (2 to 1 sync memory to FSB clock ratio)
Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 OC graphics card - standard clocks

dell 27" screen : 1920x1200
dell 19" screen : 1280x1024

skyrim looks great, and i can run two instances of WOW (two accounts) - one on each screen full res, at 60+fps each
supreme commander runs smooth as - with all unit counts maxed for 8 players
left for dead1/2 is the source engine, so no worries there.

i'm about to get into ArmaII and it's Day-Z mod...

is there any point building a new rig? or stick it out till something comes out that really changes the game?

never really got into Crysis..

thanks for any ideas or thoughts :)
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  1. u have a pretty nice system still u can play games one ultra u dont need any kind of upgrade not yet u can play games on ultra wuth these settings on next 2 yrs i think then intel got new i9 processor better then i7
  2. Cool, thanks, I'll hang back on the upgrade for the time being then :)

    the wife did make me laugh when i got the 670 - "i didn't know you could spend £300 on a graphics card!" yes, and the rest! :D
  3. Core 2 quad at 4GHz is still very capable wait until you think its causing lag or something.
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