Extreme pc build with ivy bridge cpu and extreme gaming

HY I am trying to build an extreme gaming pc that can play games at 4k screen (when its out) so i have an open budget to build it i was thinking of IVY BRIDGE mobo
ANOTHER NOTE :parts not needed :\\ mouse keyboard screen and you know what
thanks for any help :) :) :hello:
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  1. Well since you havent asked anything.... what exactly are you wanting help with?
  2. Don't even bother trying to setup a PC now with the goal of 4K screens. Hardware technology will have changed significantly (and be cheaper, most likely) when 4K is actually available. There are too many factors unknown to make this even a remotely successful venture.
  3. Well as po1nted said, there's really no point in investing in a 4K ready PC right now...hardware may have changed drastically by the time it's come out.

    However, any of the new Nvidia 600 series, or AMD 7000 series cards that SAY "4k Ready" will be able to support these new displays. (Though I read somewhere that 4k displays need at least 2GB of Vram? Not too sure on this but some input may be helpful here :) )
  4. thanks mocchan
    but i wanta to buy an ivy bridge cpu so what shuld i buy ?
  5. what about mobo ineed one for either crossfire or sli
    and graphics card i am thinking nvidia gtx 670 in 2 way sli or 2 amd hd 7950
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