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GTX 560 Ti SLI vs GTX 680

im new here..
im getting a new pc for my birthday and i want to know if a 2 GTX 560 TI better than single gtx 680
(sorry for my english)
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  1. Since you have the option to choose between the two, I would go with a GTX 680.

    Sure having an SLI setup with the 560 Ti's will probably get you a slightly better FPS, and only having one GTX 680 means you always have more room to add a second one in the future.
  2. ok...
    i was thinking about getting now a pair of GTX 560 TI
    because anyway im switching to new cards every few years
    and those FPS are meaning a lot for me i just asked about the preformance
    does 2 560 ti are better than a single 680?
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    Yes, but not noticeable. You would have more heat, noise and power consumption when using a GTX 560 ti SLI, and you would run to some driver issue (rare on famous games, but not famous one, likes to have the performance of one GTX 560 ti). I would go for the GTX 680.
  4. +1.

    performance should be near identical. although if anything I would say the 680 would edge ahead.

    but thats only in games that use SLI. i had two 560s, and got rid of them for a single 580. games often release without SLI support. If you are like me and you play games as son as they release, you'll usually have finished them by the time they get decent SLI support.
  5. one more thing,1gb vram of 560ti SLi will be bottlenecking the more demanding games.i would pick up gtx 680.
  6. Get the 680 performance would be really close i mean within 5 fps most likly but the 680 would definatly pull ahead.. now 2x 580 diffrent story..
  7. ^yep,even your gtx 480s will show a 'noticeable' difference but not 560ti's unfortunately.
  8. ok....
    i really dont know if its matters..
    but the memory in this card (the SLI that i choosed..)
    is bigger than the aother 560 ti.. (im just asking if its better)
  9. Yes, the memory on that card is bigger. It has 2GB. But still it would be better to go with GTX 680. The only difference bigger VRAM will get is probably as someone said before, there will be no bottlenecking anymore on 1GB of VRAM. But still similar in terms of performance.
  10. ohh ok..
    lol i already orderd this pc..
    i will know to ask you guys next time im buying a pc
  11. ok
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  13. After reading many forums I still for some reason can't get the idea out of my head that I need 2 cards (GTX 1GB VRAM 560ti). I have one at the moment, it runs BF3 flawlessly on stupid high specs (as well as Crysis 2 with all the DX11 Tessellation).

    I'm a 3D environment artist for video games and use UDK allot (and a little bit of CE3) and obviously it seems UDK uses at least 20%-30% more juice then most games on high I should mention I'm using only one 24 inch monitor at 1920x1080 (plan on going duel soon).

    So I guess what I want to know is it worth the $500 smackers for an extra boost and only one card OR just buy another one at a fraction of the price....The thing that worries me the most is the "bottle-necking" I've been hearing about :/. Why does that happen anyway? is it because its a "Ti" or what?
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