Cpu cooling cable management

i there i want a good advise for cable management for corsair 400r i have gs 800 with fx 8150 and 12 gb ram gtx 570
i want to know how it works + and a good cpu cooler also i got plenty of more temp that i have not expected from stock cooler one
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  1. Cable management in that particular case I do not know, but it cant be much different to other case designs. Heres a good tutorial for cable management, its in another Corsair case so it cant be that different.
    Generally the idea is to tuck the cables somewhere so that they dont interfere with case airflow, and aesthetics if you can see into the case.

    Good budget cooler is the Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO. Not sure how much it will let you overclock for an FX-8150 but its gets you medium overclocks on the Intel side.
  2. If you get a 212 or 412 cooler a nice trick for a neat instal is mount the fans so the cables are at the top far end of the cooler, then run them back through the groove between the fan and the cooler and then up to your mobo. Looks a lot better than having it all bunched up the top if you put the fan on so they start near the mobo.
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